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Alfie page

The unwanted 2007 Christmas present

We received a call from one of our puppy families asking if we could help with a Golden that was no longer wanted. Without hesitation we said we would take him.

Alfie had been bought from a local breeder, as a tiny puppy, as a Christmas gift. The owner had recently lost a dog and so his daughter decided to surprise him with a puppy.

The owner soldiered on with Alfie for fifteen months and was relieved when he eventually handed him over to us. The owner stated that there was “No love lost between them!” The owner had cared for Alfie as well as he could and all Alfies’ physical needs were met.

Initially Alfie was a very worried dog. He wasn’t used to every day sounds in the house and would run away from unfamiliar noises.

Alfie refused to eat for two days; we had some bags of food samples, which Marilyn offered to Alfie and he enjoyed carrying around. Alfie soon loved his ‘packed lunches’ and although he now also eats from his bowl, still enjoys eating from the packets

Alfie was initially very unsure of men, but soon bonded with Marilyn, now two weeks later Alfie also trusts all the men of the house.

Alfie hasn’t any manners with other dogs so Lottie has been teaching him the ropes and what a good job she has made. We are sure that with lots of socialisation classes with his new owners. he will soon learn how to be the perfect boy.

ECGR Rescue helped locate a family for Alfie. Alfies new Mum and Dad will soon be collecting Alfie, we shall be sorry to see him go but know he will be starting a brand new chapter in his life, which will be filled with love and affection. 

                               Good Luck Alfie xx